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The end of a dream: innovation in the hands of lawyers !

Probably the news is already in your mailboxes. Samsung seems ready to counterattack against Apple and its recent claims for patent infringement: Samsung may be ready to stop the long-waited availability of the iPhone 5.

It is a strange world the one in which we live. Economists (the modern form of sorcerer) instead of Presidents and Nations, drive the world. And, soon, Lawyers will drive innovation.

What to do? (“Che Fare?”)

Towards a new year

A colleague shared with us these drops of wisdom. I would like to take them as part of my commitments for this new year:

  • Commitment
  • Honesty
  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Courage

We will all need to give the best of ourselves in this difficult period. Not losing sight of what is important and lasting, is something that needs to be constantly present in my mind.

Google Lays off one third of workforce

So, here is another bad news : Google Layoffs – 10,000 Workers Affected.
There is no doubt that the financial crisis is touching everybody.

But once again, what surprises is, according to this article, the way in which Google manages this and the way in which they managed one third of the people working there.

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