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Future jobs

Few months ago, I was reading an article describing a deviation that the new electronic, synthetic world brought over:  people that pay other people to play electronic games. 😉
In that case, we could say that someone (with probably too much money to waste) payed other people (humans) to play the role of avatars.

Today, I received a mail from a friend in which there was a reference to an article describing a form of vandalism on SecondLife. I am not interested if this really happened in the way it is described…What is true is that this could actually happen (after all, with all the interesting things to read, learn, produce.. aren’t there people that spend (waste) their time creating viruses ? ).

So, I can imagine that a new kind of job may soon be on demand: the virtual bouncer or the virtual security guard. Someone who is payed to control our synthetic house or look the shoulders of our synthetic life…. Cool, isn’t it?

Do I need a Second Life?

Few years ago, when I bought my first PC, I saw many friends and colleagues that were spending part of their time playing with videogrames. I always wanted to try and, actually, I even bought some game for the PC…
I think they are still in their original boxes. I never had time to play, and even to install them. Or, let’s state it better: I always found something different to do with a PC than playing a game. There were things to learn!

The PC also brought into the game a new profile: the people who invent viruses (and similar stuff). I realized that writing viruses or exploting weaknesses in the installed software is, actually, not trivial. And it certainly requires time (I imagine this, obviously I never developed a virus!). I have always been asking myself: aren’t there so many interesting things to do with the computer instead of “wasting time” to offend what others try to do?

Now, I am reading about SecondLife and all the new Virtual Reality games and environments. And, once again, I am behind. I am tempted, I really would like to know more….

…. but in this case, it is not simply the “lack of time” or the different prorities that are slowing me down. This time I am sort of “blocked” by something different.

I have not enough time and energy to live my primary life, that I do not see the need to start living a secondary one.

I understand that there is a lot of fun and of cool things in this technology. And this “technological aspect” is really thrilling…. but, am I the only one who would rather try to live better his primary life?

I know that ignoring new technologies is not a good approach. But, isn’t there a limit? I do not want to become the old guy who thinks that there is too much modernization and that the world is going to fall…. All things may have a good and a bad use….

But, I prefer to write this post myself instead of having my avatar writing it on my behalf.

Or not?

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