I am Stefano Pogliani. I am working for IBM since 2002.

After 3.5 years in the Software Group Emerging Technologies department, I became Sales Support Specialist for the Lotus Division products.
At Lotus, I dealt with the  Managed Client offering, namely Lotus Expeditor, and I have been very much involved in the Web2.0 and Social Software area with the offer called Lotus Connections.

Since January 2008, I moved and became a Software IT Architect, working for Small and Medium Enterprises in the area of Lyon and Marseille (France). In this position, I cover the whole IBM Software Group portfolio.

I had previously worked for Sun Microsystems [2000-2002] (where I co-developed the WSCI specification and I co-authored a couple of the ebXML specifications documents).

I have also worked for Forté Software [1996-2000], a great company with an unbelievable technology. How much did I learn during those years and how forward-looking was that technology!

And I had also the privilege to work for Digital Equipement Corporation [1986-1996], when it was a great company with great technology.

I also worked before…. but it is not very relevant.

I am italian, but living in France since October 1990. I like where I live (at the border bewteen France and Switzerland) and I am thankful to France for having welcomed me and offered a lot of opportunities.

I am married with two children… well, they are not kids anymore….

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