Business? It is all about people

I would like to share here the link to my latest (well, it is also the first one…) upload to SlideShare.

Title : Business ? It is all about People

Abstract :
Many analysts and writers talk about the transition that is happening in today’s world: from the “Information Age”, dominated by “transactions and documents” to the “Conceptual Age”, governed by “relations”.
The Conceptual Age redefines many of the traditional patterns. Co-creation is the norm and “Sharing knowledge” becomes more important than possessing it. Leading Companies are accompanying this transformation by redefining themselves, changing from “organizations” to “organisms”, where the previous “mechanical interactions” are being replaced by “organic touches”.
And the way in which these Companies do Business becomes a “social activity” shaped by the rich relationships involving employees, partners and customers.
Becoming a Social Enterprise is the way these leading Companies have chosen to address the challenges of the Conceptual Age.

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