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Few months ago, I was reading an article describing a deviation that the new electronic, synthetic world brought over:  people that pay other people to play electronic games. 😉
In that case, we could say that someone (with probably too much money to waste) payed other people (humans) to play the role of avatars.

Today, I received a mail from a friend in which there was a reference to an article describing a form of vandalism on SecondLife. I am not interested if this really happened in the way it is described…What is true is that this could actually happen (after all, with all the interesting things to read, learn, produce.. aren’t there people that spend (waste) their time creating viruses ? ).

So, I can imagine that a new kind of job may soon be on demand: the virtual bouncer or the virtual security guard. Someone who is payed to control our synthetic house or look the shoulders of our synthetic life…. Cool, isn’t it?

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  1. Diego

    IMHO there’s a perfect soundtrack for some deviations on new metaverses:

    Ciao, Diego

  2. Melka

    Another ‘virtual job’ is when people pay others to do boring, repetitive tasks in games such as World of Warcraft. From what I gather, this happens all the time, mostly using cheap labor from Asia and such.

  3. Deborah

    Interesting look. One wonders why an andoird needs breasts but hey, poetic license I guess. I used to not be able to change Seicher’s avatar too much, which is one reason I have Liea. I’m finding as time goes on and my relationship to SL changes that I can mess around with Seicher more but the most comfortable changes are the drastic ones, like me going to a tiny plaid bunny and your andoird. Eh, too early in the morning for pondering! Thumbs up on the look!

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