Are Mashups Web-based only offering?

An interesting article “Barrelling Through The Web 2.0 World” highlights parts of a recent Gartner’s report on Web2.0. The article features my friend and IBM colleague Dan Gisolfi.

I extrapolated the sentence

Who is to say the mashup has to remain a Web-based offering ?

because I think that it is very interesting… Not because of its “Web 2.0” bias (as the article implies) but because of the implications that the mashup technology could have well outside pure browser-based technologies.

Web-based technologies go well beyond their utilisation in browsers. I think that they have their place in Rich Client applications also.

I am thinking here to technologies I know, such as Lotus Expeditor or Lotus SameTime. Where the Composite application model actually allows the integration of content and application delivered over the internet with content and application aggregated from the enterprise SOA.

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  1. Dave Nielsen

    Strikeiron and O’Reilly put on a non-browser mashup contest at O’Reilly ETEL (specifically in the voice/telephony space). To learn about the types of non-browser mashups that were created, visit


  2. Lobodelsur

    Public transit maps are very natraul application of Google Maps. Many projects seem to be under progress. The map should give the information that people really need and it should be fast and easy to read.I dont have to rush because we dont have Google streetmaps available for Helsinki yet. So I am still considering the basic concept.I feel that timetables are the most important. Route maps come second. Luckily we have timetables for each individual stop in Helsinki available in public websites. The task of mash-up is to make finding the timetable easier and faster even fun.A very basic demo with only one tram line presented can be seen in my page. The info balloons of the stops have links to timetables. One for each direction.

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