Do I need a Second Life?

Few years ago, when I bought my first PC, I saw many friends and colleagues that were spending part of their time playing with videogrames. I always wanted to try and, actually, I even bought some game for the PC…
I think they are still in their original boxes. I never had time to play, and even to install them. Or, let’s state it better: I always found something different to do with a PC than playing a game. There were things to learn!

The PC also brought into the game a new profile: the people who invent viruses (and similar stuff). I realized that writing viruses or exploting weaknesses in the installed software is, actually, not trivial. And it certainly requires time (I imagine this, obviously I never developed a virus!). I have always been asking myself: aren’t there so many interesting things to do with the computer instead of “wasting time” to offend what others try to do?

Now, I am reading about SecondLife and all the new Virtual Reality games and environments. And, once again, I am behind. I am tempted, I really would like to know more….

…. but in this case, it is not simply the “lack of time” or the different prorities that are slowing me down. This time I am sort of “blocked” by something different.

I have not enough time and energy to live my primary life, that I do not see the need to start living a secondary one.

I understand that there is a lot of fun and of cool things in this technology. And this “technological aspect” is really thrilling…. but, am I the only one who would rather try to live better his primary life?

I know that ignoring new technologies is not a good approach. But, isn’t there a limit? I do not want to become the old guy who thinks that there is too much modernization and that the world is going to fall…. All things may have a good and a bad use….

But, I prefer to write this post myself instead of having my avatar writing it on my behalf.

Or not?

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