Two faces of the same coin

A series of articles trigger this post. Among them, two above all:

I could summarize the ideas behind them in the following way.

Enterprise Mashups represent, on the desktop, what SOA represents on the server. And that what matters, on the client as well as on the server, is how these technologies allow the execution of Business Processes.

This is great!
In my presentation “Thoughts for a Rich Client”, I sort of developed the concept of 360 degrees integration.
See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download  the highest resolution version available.Let’s represent the integration space with our Globe: we have a Southern and a Northern hemisphere.

The Southern hemisphere represents the kind of integration that happens on th server. This integration is made possible by an architectural pattern (SOA) and conveyed to us by a Portal. Ismael’s article describes so well how this is all about Business Process, because the reason to adopt an SOA is indeed the one to automate an existing Business Process (or to implement a new one).
By the way, I have written a little comment to Ismael’s article in which I try to explain my position.

The Northern hemisphere is a new territory. Until recently, the desktop has been considered simply as a projection of something that was happening on the server. Infact, a Portal is aggregating content that is simply displayed inside a browser. In the Web world, the Presentation Layer of an application has normally been executed on the server, leaving to the desktops the simple task to display something happening elsewhere.
The advent of AJAX (and of other rich client technologies, including Lotus Expeditor) and the evolution of the technologies in the browser space made it possible to actually consider the client as a first-class citizen in the SOA world; for the first time in the web era, the Presentation Layer (or a part of it) could be implemented outside of the server, “after the web server”, on the other side of the pipe….
This makes it possible to perform aggregation also on the client. call this aggregation “enterprise mashup” or “rich portal”…. at the end, what these technologies allow, is the implementation of the client side of Business Processes.

The Business Process can now be described and properly automated in its more natural way: a rich set of cooperating tools, information and applications allow users, from their desktop, to properly use orchestrated services. The formal, top-down processes described and executed on the servers are made available to users who can recompose them in ways that exploit the innovation and foster the flexibility required by new enterprises.

So, BPM on one side and Enterprise Mashups on the other, can actually represent two faces of the same coin. The coin of the “enteprise business processes”.

P.S. Other articles that contributed to this where:

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  1. Antonio

    Definitely two sides of the same coin! Thank you for this article I really enjoyed it!

  2. 兄は私のためにこのサイトをブックマークして、私は過去数時間のためにそれを通過してきました。これは本当に私たちのクラスのプロジェクトのために私と私の友人を助けるために起こっています。ところで、私はあなたが書く方法をお楽しみください。

  3. 。これは、方法によって甘いウェブサイトです。どこでこのウェブサイトのテンプレートを保持したのですか?あなたのインターネットのサイトで以下のような優れた主題を拡散に関連

  4. グレートライトアップ、私はウェブログの作成者は、彼らが世界の広範なウェブに価値のある何かを追加したことを知っている助けるためにブログにコメントで巨大な信者です! (ソース。とにかく、私の言語で、このような多くの良い情報源は、通常はありません。

  5. かなり、このポストは本当にこの注目すべきトピックの甘いです。私はあなたの結論と調和し、のどが渇いているように、あなたの着信アップデートを楽しみにしています。感謝はちょうどあなたの文章での驚異的な明確にするため、十分ではないと述べました。

  6. を購入します。私は本当にあなたがブログの方法をお楽しみください。私は私のブックマークのいずれかに含まれており、またすぐに戻って来るということです。あまりにも私の個人的なインターネットのウェブサイトを見て、あなたがそれについて感じるものを教えてください。あなたのウェブサイト上で、この偉大なコンテンツ素材を議論するための多くの感謝を

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